A ‘Special Town Hall Meeting‘ organized by the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture and the Alumni Association of the National Institute was held today at the Yar’adua Centre in Abuja. In attendance were Fashola, Lai Mohammed, Kemi Adeosun, Geoffrey Onyeama, Audu Ogbeh and others.

Below are what they said at the meeting.

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘Spending on the productive sector is the way out for Nigerian economy’- Babatunde Fashola

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘Contractors on the following roads; Kano – Katsina, Ilorin – Ijeba, Lagos – Ibadan expressway are back to site.We are remobilizing contractors back to the transmission sites.’-Babatunde Fashola

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘Nigeria is rebuilding now and we need the cooperation of everybody.’- Kemi Adeosun

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#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We are encouraging the state governments to equally impose these disciplines on spending.’-Kemi Adeosun

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We intend to win the confidence of other leaders across the world’- Geoffrey Onyeama

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘Most of the foreign visits by President Buhari is geared towards gaining FDI’- Geoffrey Onyeama

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘Most of the foreign visits by President Buhari is geared towards gaining FDI’- Geoffrey Onyeama

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We are ensuring that we provide geo-data for investors to bank on in the sector.’- Kayode Fayemi

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘If you want to be involved in this sector, you must be ready to add value’-Kayode Fayemi

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We are strengthening partnership with international organizations such as the World Bank’- Kayode Fayemi

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#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘This process will not show immediate results but we will continue to show the pathway of where we are headed’- Kayode Fayemi

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We are partnering with state governments to ensure a comprehensive partnership package for Mining’- Kayode Fayemi

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘Poor indices for poor people is the problem we have in the health sector. Over 750 children in Borno are in serious trouble.’- Isaac Adewole

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘BHFAN is an initiative to offer free health facilities to Nigerians. We lose so much money annually to medical tourism.’- Isaac Adewole

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We want to end malaria related mortality by 2020’- Isaac Adewole

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#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘ We are reviving ranches and providing grazing reserves across the country’- Audu Ogbeh

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We have decided to deepen and widen our policies in the sector. We have also embarked on a new SOIL Map of the country.’- Audu Ogbeh

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We are to restructure the loan system so as to bring interest rate as closer to 5% as possible.’- Audu Ogbeh

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘We are repositioning the great green wall project.’- Amina J. Mohammed

#FGNTownhall #Abuja ‘The Ministry has recognized that it is one of the strands for national development.The ‘Change’ is not an event but a journey.’- Amina J. Mohammed