Why hustle for Lagos state when you could be better appreciated in other states

Over the years, I have been able to research into states that are corper-friendly in terms of social welfare, assistance e.t.c. I will be listing these states based on the friendliness exhibited by the locals towards the wearing of that “green khaki” of yours, Lol.. Also,for the benefit of incoming corps members a.k.a “Otondos”, this could serve as a guide to you. So, please don’t break bottle if your state is not on the list it’s just a personal research.

1. Osun State: This state is known for its hospitable nature of the locals in the state. I remember how corpers were being treated in terms of free ride on your to CDS, PPA. Greetings can also be too much like: welcome Corper, good morning Corper, good evening Corper..You will be overwhelmed how you being treated like that your HOD in school Lol.

2. Kano State
: If you knew Kano very well, you would agree me that they love assisting Corpers so well. You will drink their ” Fura di Nunu ” ehn! But please they have rules in terms of their “Nyanriya”. So tread carefully.

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3. Kwara State: The state is also accommodating and welcoming to Corpers owing to the Islamic tenet that welcoming visitors is also a part of faith.

4. Ebonyi State
: This lovely state is fourth on my list because of its lowkey lifestyle. They just love welcoming visitors in general and a lot of NYSC members can testify to this claim; food stuffs might even be given to you for free by the locals.

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5. Oyo State: The house of the “Oluyole” is no doubt accommodating and another Corper-friendly state. Maybe it’s because of the Yoruba-accommodating culture.. You will be hearing something like: “Broda corper, sey wa ok?” literary means Uncle corper are you ok?

6. Katsina state
: Blood of Peter! I love Katsina state indigenes oo; As they can give you anything as a Corps member so far you are law abiding and don’t interfere in their religious belief.

7. Enugu State: The people of the coal city state are very accommodating to the extent that you will not regret serving in their land… Mama Nkiruka will cook their sweet ” Okpa di okwu” and give me and other corps members those years in 042; chai during their celebration of Easter, Xmas. You will eat Akpu mixed with Okporoko fish and grasscutter ….Nsukka di ‘ eje ooo.

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8. Kaduna State: Personally KD city is a great state to enjoy your service year owing to the mixed religious over there. They are so accommodating to the extent of giving you a free ride anytime you going to CDS. Alhaji Balarabe do send her daughter to give me free foodstuff every week and coupled with free room..Truth be told, Kaduna is sweet.

9. Ondo State: The Agrarian state is a place to enjoy your service year no doubt. Do to their love for education they always love helping you as a corper .Give it a try biko.

10. Feel free to add yours.

(PS: Most of these opinions are those my colleagues and friends who served in respective states)